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These terms concern our dating partner "2L multimedia" which edit a personal ads publication and chatting service for people aged 18 or over.
By joining, you will be able to exchange written or voice messages with other members.
After using up the points offered on registration that enable you to trial our service, different paid packages will be proposed to you in order to continue using the site -except for women who want to interact with men, for whom all the services offered on the site are free.




The user is informed that in accordance with Article 32 of the French Act and loi Informatique et libertés du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée, the informations collected are necessary and are intended to 2L Multimedia. 2L Multimedia is responsabe for file management of the data collected for its customers and prospects, registered members, the management of customer and marketing, the management and the monitoring of commercial and promotional operations.
The data related to customers and prospects can also be sent to contractual partners for exploration.
The user is informed that he has the right to access, query and modify his informations. The user is allowed, if necessary, to correct, complete, update, lock or erase personal data which are inaccurate, incomplete, misleading, outdated or whose collection, use, disclosure or storage is prohibited.
The user also has a right to object to the processing of their data for legitimate reasons and a right to object that such data can be used for commercial prospecting.
All these rights can be obtained from 2L MULTIMEDIA Park Nord Les Pléiades 33 74370 Metz-Tessy FRANCE by mail with a copy of your Identification Card or any valid Identification Document with a signature.
The user is informed that a cookie is installed on his browser during the time he spends on the site.
A cookie is a data block that does not identify users but is used to record informations related to the navigation on this site.






To make the best use of this site, you should :


You are free to decide whether or not to register on our dating website.
Once you have filled in the required fields, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration.
To fully validate this registration, you should click on the link contained in this e-mail.
Be careful, choose well your alias because you can’t change it.
THE MODERATION :  Your profile will then be "awaiting moderation" by our moderation teams (you can still use the site).
This operation may take a few days.
You will then be notified by e-mail of acceptance or rejection of your profile.






When you log in to the site with your alias and your password, you are automatically directed on the homepage of the members. 
This homepage is accessible whenever you want clicking on "home", in top of the left.
You will have a quick access towards the principal actions :




To the left, you will find the principal menu of the site :




For each message, you can see :

To view the message, simply click on the line that you wish to read and then on the "text message" icon.






Member area : This menu is used to manage all your informations, this includes :


My profile : to see your ad appears, as seen by other members.

Edit my profile : you can change your description. Be careful : each modification is validated bu our moderation team to avoid abuses.


Edit my details : you can change your personal informations. Only the location will be appear on your profile, contrary to other informations which stay private.


Modify my search : you can choose the criterias of the person whom you seek. This datas will be visible on your profile.






My photos: You can add or modify the photos on your profile. The photos are moderated by our Customer service. The other members can’t see the photos until the photos are validated by our team. This process can take until 4 working days.
To validate your photo, please respect the following points : 



My authorisations : You see the list of members authorized to see your private photos. To authorize a member to see your private photos, you have to go on its profile.





My received kisses : you can see the list of members who sent you a Kiss. 

My sent kisses : you can see the list of members to whom you sent a Kiss .

I am on their friend list : you can see the list of members who added you to their contacts

My received visits : you can see the members who visited your profile

My visited profiles : you can see the list of members to whom you visited their profiles






My webcam : permits to inform your visitors if you have a webcam

My Friendlist : permits to see the list of your favorite members

My Blacklist : permits to see the list of the members who are banished

My alerts : permits to choose the differents alerts you want to receive when you are log in or log off of the site

Log out : permits to log off






Chat : Not to waste time and to receive messages immediately, you have the possibility of going to discuss on line with all the attending members as you at this time there on the site and to share your images by Webcam if you have one. To invite a member on chat, it mus be "Online" and you must have a subscription (except for the women who seek men).

Search : This tool permits to search members according to several criterias. You just have to fill in the required fields and "launch the search". This engine will select only the members corresponding to your criterias.

Mobile : This link introduces the mobile service. You can send and receive messages and kisses, search and visit the profiles of the members, see their photos. You will not be able to however to reach this service only if you are initially registered on the site. This service will be invoiced to you by your operator according to your telephone service subscription, it is not surtaxed by our company. 

Sunscription : You can choose your formula of subscription (cf Article 5)

Popularity : Summarize the number of visits, Kiss and received and sent messages

Help : You will find the answers to your questions and the solutions for your problems. You will find how to contact the Customer service


You can use our search engine to find the person who you wish to write to. You can choose the sex, age, eye and hair colour, country, region, alias or astrological sign.
You can also choose to view only members who have introduced themselves verbally (hence the importance to post a voice ad) and those who have posted their photo.

"Click on Display replies"

You will see all the members who meet your criterias on one or more pages. At this stage, you can send voice messages to theses members or listen to messages from members who have posted an ad.
When you find a profile that you like, click on the name in order to view the full profile.
You can then send to the person a written or voice messages. An e-mail is then sent to the person’s personal mailbox indicating that there is a message awaiting from another member. When you find an ad that you like, you can let the person know by sending a "Kiss" voting for him/her.
You will thus have a greater chance of drawing the person’s attention, as he/she will be informed that you have made this gesture towards him/her.
Go to mail and you will find below this link the number of messages that you have in your private mailbox and the number of new messages (consider regurlarly deleting your messages so that you can find your way around !).




On becoming a member of www.easyflirt.com, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of use.
If you do not take note, or if you do not accept these terms and conditions, you should not register on our dating website. The registrations are limited to one per user on www.easyflirt.com and its partner sites.
The registration is free of charge. You register by posting your profile online (you can include a photo). To make full use of our service, you can subscribe by means of our different payment options.

2L Multimedia requires each user to agree to the following conditions : - to be aged 18 years or older. 

In case of not complying with these obligations, your profile may be withdrawn without prior notice or refund.
If you are in contact with a member who does not respect one of this obligations, please inform us thanks to the link of abuse located below the profile of each member.
Be careful of the profiles with too suggestive photos ! It may be that there are jokers behind. If you have contacts with people you want to meet, act with caution : - Choose a public area for your first date : cafe, cinema, museum, ... - Inform a person of the place and the hour of your date and, with the need, go with someone else. - Do not give your personal coordinates before to well know the person with who you have contacts thanks to your site. - Do not give in any case your banking coordinates. - Be wary of the people asking a "help" in money : do not accept. In case of litigation, our responsibility could not be committed. If you have a doubt about the honesty of a member or if a member makes you indecent proposals, you have the possibility to denounce it thanks to the link of abuse located below each profile. You act in anonymous way compared to this person and we will remove the profil if we consider your request justified.




This is a paid service, subject to certain conditions :

After using the offered points on registration which enabled you to discover our service, you will be offered different paid for options in order to continue using the site.














In order to allow you to prolong your subscription in the case of rejection of your payment by your bank, we will modify automatically and under the similar financial conditions you subscription to the lower fixed price :





Our services work with all mobile phones equiped with a web browser. Works with GPRS/EDGE/3G and wireless connections ! This option allows you too  :

This service is charged 4€ per month in addition to your subscription. You can stop your subscription to this service in your account manager > "member area" > "manage my subscription".







The subscriptions by credit transfer must be treated manually, this justifies the difference of price with the subscription by credit card.
A subscription corresponds to one section. If you wish to benefit from the service for several sections, you must take subscriptions as much. However, if you were mistaken in section during your subscription, you can address yourselves to the Customer service which will modify your subscription in the desired section. Be careful this action is possible only once.


Take care to preserve your ticket of payment received by e-mail, it will be asked to you in case of complaint so that your problem can be solved as soon as possible.


These subscriptions are renewable by default. However you can stop this renewal whenever you want going in "Begin the unsubscribtion process" and follow the steps in order to avoid any litigation, the withdrawal of your subscription is to be carried out at least 1 day before the date of normal renewal of your subscription).


Renewal :

If you want you can extend your subscription. The subscription is renewed by tacit agreement (for the same period). You can stop the renewal of your subscription whenever you want and without losing the its benefits for the concerned period. In effect, you remain subscribed until the end of your subscription if you choose to unsubscribe during the period.

A link "Cancel my subscription" is displayed for members that signed for a subscription. This link is located in Account > Member area > Manage my membership.


According to the L121-20 of the Consumption Code of the French Republic, you are informed that you have a seven days delay from the day of your subscription to exercise your revocation right without any reason or penalty. However, according to the L121-20-2, 1° of the Consumption Code of the French Republic, your revocation right can’t be exercised as soon as you accessed the services concerned by the subscription. If you want to erase your profile immediately and stop accessing the website services, you have to unsubscribe(Member area > My registration > Delete all my informations) .














2L Multimedia is responsible of the treatment of personal data with the purpose of managing and monitoring the relationship with the members (subscriptions, billings, arrears recovery, defaults of payment, legal considerations, accounting) and may exploit those datas for promotial purposes. The data identified by an asterisk are required. You will not be able to enjoy certain benefits of our services in the absence of such data. The recipients of your informations are the members the society 2L Multimedia and for your coordinates the contractual partners of 2L Multimedia. Under the law Informatique et libertés, you have the right to query, access, correct your informations. You also have the right to object the commercial prospection and legitimate grounds if you do not want that those personal informations may be exploited. You can exercise your rights by writing to 2L Multimedia, Customer Service, at : 2L MULTIMEDIA Park Nord Les Pléiades 33 74370 Metz-Tessy FRANCE or by email at customer-fr@easyflirt.com, with a copy of your Identification Card or any valid Identification Document with a signature. Your attention is drawn to the fact that the definition of your profile will be accessible to other members. Consequently, by entering informations about your racial or ethnic origin, your political, philosophical or religious opinions, or your membership to a union and data concerning your health or sex life, you make them public and agree to be communicated through your profile to other members through the dating service. Do not provide those informations if you do not want them to appear on your profile.




At the technical level, 2L Multimedia undertakes to provide as far as possible a service of the best quality possible.
In terms of exchanges between members, we cannot guarantee that each user will realize his/her expectations and aspirations by using this site, we simply make tools and means available to you.
However, put all the chances on your side to create the meeting, by choosing craefully your photos and ad.




This contract is subject to French Law. In case of litigation about the interpretation of this contract, its performance and/or cancellation, for any reason whatsoever, the parties shall favour an amicable settlement.
Should it not be possible to come to an agreement, the litigation shall be referred to the Court of Appeal of the complainant, if he/she is a private individual, or that of Annecy (France), if it is a professional body.




This site is published by 2L MULTIMEDIA RCS B 439 055 591 - APE 221 E Annecy, where the head office is located to :
Park Nord
Les Pléiades 33
74370 Metz-Tessy
VAT number : FR02439055591
Site declared to the CNIL : File n° 1403412




You can contact the Customer service all day long, 7 days a week, with the tab "Help" .

2L Multimedia
Park Nord
Les Pléiades 33
74370 Metz-Tessy


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